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Good job

Very nicely elaborated, definetly better than some videos in MTV.

allemansing responds:

Perhaps i can convince +44 to use it as their official music video :O

Cool Flash!

Very well done!

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Very informative and structured

I liked this tutorial a lot. It was easy to understand and packed a lot of information.
This is a very good introduction to the subject and is bound to help a lot of game developers make the leap (or at least test the waters) of multi-player game development.
Overall, I had a great time reading your tutorial. Keep up the good work!

Good Sequel

I played the first Hedgehog Launch and enjoyed very much. This sequel is a great continuation of the previous one and for that I give you recognition.
It was easier than the first however, and the replay value suffered a bit as a direct consequence of this.
I liked the idea of going to Mars however.
One suggestion, don't make us wait too long before the hedehog hits the ground again, as the wait can be quite monotonous and painful...
Great game as always...keep it up!

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Great Effort and Potential

This is a well elaborated game with a very concise concept and gameplay. Although the gameplay and story is a plus, I did not like the graphics as they do not do justice to the rest of the game elements.
Overall, the game would be a lot more attractive if you were to improve on the graphics.
Keep up the great work!

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Good beat

Nice beat you got there, the pads are nice, the synth is nice, the strings are nice, bass is nice.
Could have used breaks in between to change the flow a little more, but overall is great.

Stone-Killa responds:

Thx u kno how we do and it couldda used wit mo lol but was 2 lazy 2 add em lol thx 4 review and support


A little too "cheesy"

It's alright, the synths that you used are pretty good, some of the effects and other bass sounds are pretty good also.
What I don't like is the way the kick is set up in the beginning, also the ending was kind of weak.
Good effort though.

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